Blitz School project (Source code included)

So here is another project from the class I am taking. All we had to do was use some “continuous” collision stuff with a few bullets flying around (no textures even) but I did more as always. Everything uses GL11 which is why the lighting is crap.

a,s,d,w or arrow keys to move (sorry non-qwerty users)

mouse to aim and fire.

The link with source as always.




School Project (With source)

Here it is the finished thing. Added pre-computed culling stuff and a 3D noise UI generator.


Do not select JerryMode. My professor required a God awful control scheme and I wanted to allow it so he wouldn’t drop points.

The controls are as follow: a,s,d,w to move left,down,right,up respectively, the mouse to look around, and arrow keys to move pen, x,y axis and right ctrl/shift to move pen on the z axis. 1,2,3,4,5,6 will change the texture on the pen and 7 will texture the world. Left control + C turns clouds off/on, + G turns grid off/on. Pen create toggles with C and erase toggles with V. When C or V are not set, it is in move mode. 
Here is the link.

School Fun.

So I am taking a class that was titled “Fundamentals of Game Programming.” It is very basic and more focused on graphics and physics. I could probably teach the class. However one of the programming assignments was making a 3D etch a scetch with cubes. So I thought about adding a few things. This is what I have. Image

Nothing fancy here. No chunk system or VBOs. No shaders. Just batching stuff using GL11. FPS is low do do 90k cubes. The world is made from a program that takes an image and uses it as a height map. Skybox was easy. The mist/cloudy things are done in real time with particles. Took a while to get them billboarded. Flying through them is fun. You can move pen around to create and destroy blocks minecraft style. Hitting keys will change the texture on the block. Will post a source and a playable version when I am done. I am also trying to work on part 3 and 4 of the particle system tutorial but school and life is eating so much time.

Will post later.