Spore and Unity

So I have been using unity for about 6 months now and rather like it. I still program games in java every now and then.

The latest game I made is Spore. (I know the name is bad)

Little guide on it:

The goal is to survive for 8 minutes. It is a click like crazy defense game with some static towers that help. There are now 29 achievement that boost towers, clicks, spawns, etc.

The game starts off fast so be prepared. Don’t just use the auto click. Get the green power ups as quickly as you can as they spawn seeds which can give you towers. Click like crazy right around the larger rocks as right as the die they spawn more rocks and if you are fast enough you can kill them before the move away.


Rock small –  easy to kill

Rock Large – little harder spawns 3 rocks after death

Boss 1 – hard and spawns 3 large rocks after death

Boss 2- very hard and spawns 5 large rocks after death

Boss 3 – extremely hard and spawns 3 boss1 after death

Spore Towers:

Single Green Spore – will bloom and orbit the colony damaging any rocks in its way

Multiple Green Spore – same as above but spawns more

Yellow Spore – shoots spores at rocks, spores will retarget if an enemy dies, does little damage.

Blue Spore – same as Yellow but doesn’t start off with retargeting does little damage but shoots fast.

Red Spore – can’t retarget from the start, shoots slow but does heavy damage.

Blue Spikey Tower – Shoots the slowest, does the most damage and spawns spores that will float around and damage rocks that hit.

Power Ups:

Blue Dust – increase click/auto click damage by 10%

Green Dust – spawns 3-8 spores

Red Dust – increase auto click rate by 10%


Rock Duster – damages rocks in the area and will remove debris so you can see better

Spawn Seed – spawns 5 seeds at the given location


Easy to win guide:

First click on the two icons to the left. They each will give 5 bonus seeds at the start. Keep the rocks off you while building up towers early on. Don’t worry if a few slip by you can survive 10 hits. Remember where the towers are so you can let them deal with rocks while you defend the barren areas of the colony. Large rock spawns are easy if right as they die, you click quickly in little towards the colony. Most spawned rocks will die instantly as the move that way. Don’t click right on rocks but a little in front of them. The bosses come from the left, right, and bottom in that order. Because projectiles can slow rocks down, you can get enough towers that most bosses can’t even move towards the colony.

Random info on Developing Spore:

The performance is not so good some say. I can get 20-30 fps on a nexus 7 which is bad but not as bad as some report. I blame my inability to use unity and their horrid documentation on what slows things down. The biggest slow down is physics/garbage. Not the physics system but that if you do not do things in a certain way in scripts it comes to a crawl. And it is hard as hell to find what causes it to crawl. I do not know why but with java I have NEVER had to worry about garbage. Even on the mobile games I have programed. With unity it seems a must use object pooling on anything that you Instantiate more then once. I did not know this at the start of Spore and it is one of the major reasons it is slow.