School Project (With source)

Here it is the finished thing. Added pre-computed culling stuff and a 3D noise UI generator.


Do not select JerryMode. My professor required a God awful control scheme and I wanted to allow it so he wouldn’t drop points.

The controls are as follow: a,s,d,w to move left,down,right,up respectively, the mouse to look around, and arrow keys to move pen, x,y axis and right ctrl/shift to move pen on the z axis. 1,2,3,4,5,6 will change the texture on the pen and 7 will texture the world. Left control + C turns clouds off/on, + G turns grid off/on. Pen create toggles with C and erase toggles with V. When C or V are not set, it is in move mode. 
Here is the link.

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