A mix of old projects. (Source included)

So in the last past year I have started many game and non-game projects. Some have shown fruit while others just died. I feel that I should post them here and give the source code for them in the case that others might learn a thing or two. I will post the source shortly.

This was based on the particles tutorial. Everything is done in java2D without the use of any images. It is a nice time killer but it never really went anywhere. The core mechanics are there and it is a nice thing to study on particle systems.
Original link

Game Menu Demo
This was to test out if you could create quality effects and style in java2D. One of my first projects ever. After building the UI system from scratch I lost steam. The particle effects are nice and show that java2D can look nice.
Original Link

Edge of the Universe
This game I worked quite a bit on. Mainly on the Atlas engine powering it. It was dropped when I was working on the physics and completely broke everything. Felt like it would be better to start from scratch. A good example of how many sprites you can render with a simple sprite batcher.
Original link

Real-time Lighting in Java2D
This was not a game but where I wanted to show that you could do fully dynamic lights in java2D with being fast. Can have 500+ lights without a huge performance hit. I may do a tutorial on this in the future.
Original Link

Most recent actual game project. I have stalled this for now but really like it. This is based on NeonBat which is based on the particle tutorials. Almost everything is made in code. This uses a older and slower version of my real-time lighting system.
Original Link


5 thoughts on “A mix of old projects. (Source included)

  1. king says:

    Hi, can you do a tutorial about your real-time lightning system because it is so awesome. is there a chance that you can share your source? thanks!

  2. king says:

    just came here to say thanks!:D

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